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Avid Traveller. Banoffee Pie Connoisseur. Full Time Coach.

My job is to help you break free from the world of yo-yo dieting, by empowering you with the knowledge, tools and support you need to lose weight, and change your life … All without crazy gym workouts and tasteless deprivation diets!


Hey!! I’m Eddie and this is my small corner of the universe where I offer my guidance and support to everyday women who feel frustrated, out of shape and ultimately a little unhappy with life.

Smart, awesome, busy women that want more from life and deserve more from life.

But first off, let’s make sure you’re in the right place here to benefit from what I do.

If you’re looking to achieve one or more of the following things then you know you’re good to keep on reading with me:

• Sustainable weight loss that lasts a lifetime

• Winning back your health and energy to get more from your daily life

• Feeling proud and confident to go out and be seen in the clothes you want to wear

• Understanding your cravings and how to get them under control

• Winning back your feeling of appreciation from yourself and others close to you

• Becoming ‘that girl’ who changed their life around

• Achieving all of this without bland restrictive diets and life dominating exercise


Sound anything like your wants? If so, great! Stick with me, read on and come and pick my brain through email or Facebook after reading this if you like. What I’m not here to do is promise you overnight results, rippling abs, tight glutes and compulsary intense gym workouts. Sure those things can be great for some people, but that’s not the focus here. My focus is on helping you busy, stressed out, real human beings take back the power of your body so you can live your life to the fullest.

Putting an end to your weight loss frustration

Getting in shape and losing the pounds has become a highly confusing area for most of you. Virtually every day you’re bombarded with headlines and articles claiming that certain foods will make you fat, that others will give you cancer and that alcohol was, in fact, created by the devil himself. The culture of the “don’t eat that” but “you must eat this” attitude is so rife that you begin to question everything that passes between your lips…

But it all needn’t be so confusing or frustrating. I promise you.

The process and basic philosophy behind losing fat and getting healthy is simple. Not easy or overnight quick, but simple.

My focus and work here is to help show you how to build a lifestyle through which you get fat loss results on autopilot. A lifestyle which doesn’t require you to count calories, cancel weekend plans or force you to hit the gym five times a week until you give up through boredom. A lifestyle which ultimately keeps you in shape for five, ten, twenty years to come. I’ve even created a free five day video series showing how you can start doing just that, if you’re interested just click here and I’ll send the series your way.

Connect with me

I’ve developed this site to cover everything you’ll need to know about exercise, food, fat loss, mind-set, lifestyle and more. The platform gives me the opportunity to reach, interact with and help way more of you than I previously could with my one-on-one personal training. I’ll offer you the same tips, strategies and advice that has seen many of my in person clients create more confident, self-appreciating and happier lives than they ever imagined possible.

I’d love for you to take the next step and connect with me on Facebook. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I’m happy to share what I’ve learned along my way so far and often I’ll do this via my Facebook page. With challenges, tips, recipes and general talk around life and weight loss – you’re likely to pick up a thing or two… Furthermore, I’ve a completely private women’s only support group running on Facebook which you can request to join. The ladies in there are incredible in supporting one another, and if you’ve ever felt alone with your body and weight loss challenges before, then I promise you, you’ll not feel alone any longer. Click here to request to join the group, or below to just follow my ramblings on Facebook.

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A little on myself and my work

The perception of what people think I do in my job versus the reality of what I actually do in my job is very different. Think of the title “personal trainer” and you may be forgiven for automatically thinking of boot camp screaming workouts, strict diet plans, perfectionism and cringe-worthy latex clothing. But if you’ve gotten this far down on the page I’m hoping you’ve already concluded that it couldn’t be much further off the mark here.

You see the thing is, I joined the fitness industry to help people. And none of the above help, they actually do the opposite. My experiences through working with hundreds of clients, and background in studying psychology, has taught me that I can work way smarter.

My interests in helping clients reach their goals lie much deeper than just moving more and eating less. It’s about affecting permanent behaviour change, stress levels, sanity around food, exercise habits, self-acceptance, self-confidence and more.

The very industry I work in is guilty of pushing “body perfectionism’ on to us all but I’d encourage you to look the other way.

If many of us were to re-align the goalposts in our psyche from “perfect” to “better”, we’d find ourselves much happier with the body we’re in and the life we lead.

Outside of the coaching world there’s a number of things which keep me smiling and wanting to get out of bed each morning. My partner, family, travelling and meeting new faces are all particular motivators. Though indulging in banoffee pie and spending nights out with dark rum and friends are often high on the agenda too! Stories of your adventures abroad or embarrassing nights out are most welcome and is something we should definitely chat and compare.

Personally, my favourite kind of exercise is the kind I can fit into my life that month, week or day – be it a home workout, a long walk, a gym workout or anything else that keeps me moving. Attempting to follow a rigid diet and exercise plan no longer dominates my life as it only provides me with higher levels of stress and boredom than any kind of positive results!

Currently living in Darlington (North East England) I run this site not from the perspective of a fitness model or self-proclaimed guru, but as a normal, regular guy wanting to help you improve your mind, body and life through my work.


Separate the qualified from the self-proclaimed.

With the ever growing population of ‘Health and Wellness’ gurus out there pushing their latest detox drinks and magic powders upon us, there’s good reason to be careful who you trust with your health and who you don’t. Most of these guys and girls have zero qualifications and work on commission for huge multi-million dollar companies looking to make another quick penny at your expense of wanting to lose weight and feel good. Don’t become a sucker for it… Below I’ve listed several of the most relevant qualifications I hold to date which allow me to work with and help awesome people like you every day.

• Level 3 Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist

• Level 4 Obesity & Diabetes

• Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate in Exercise Nutrition – Worlds leading nutrition training company

• BSc HONS Psychology – Final research paper examining relationship between exercise and body image satisfaction

• Level 3 Exercise Referral Qualification – Allowing me to work with clients referred on to me via their GP or other relevant health professional for wide ranging issues

• NCFE Certificate in Understanding the Care and Management of Diabetes

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