Personal Training Darlington

Personal Training Darlington

Personal Training Darlington – My personal training services are tailored for busy everyday women, based in the Darlington area, who are ready to leave the dieting world behind and get in to shape for life without needing to join a gym. I offer a unique, fresh and personable approach to weight loss to ensure you have all the guidance and support you need to remove the inches and get confident to go forwards with a new life worth smiling about.

And here’s something I’m very proud of: I do things differently to other personal trainers.

Those trainers that scream you into the ground once a week with randomly plucked exercises and then hand you a tasteless meal plan to stick to as they wave you goodbye. Those trainers that cannot understand why squatting, hitting the gym and eating protein isn’t your number one priority in life and then question your desire to change when you can’t make a session.

Those trainers that love to talk at you, but never listen to you.

In order to truly start moving forward, you’ll need a different approach.

An approach where by you have a personal trainer who takes the time to learn about you and your life, who discovers the major obstacles that stand in your way, who listens to your needs and then provides you with a simple and effective programme whilst delivering constant support and encouragement to ensure you succeed.

You see, my personal training isn’t about making you join a gym, start a crazy exercise routine or go on a crash diet. In fact, I’ll never ask you to do any of those things.

Instead, it’s about meeting you exactly where you are at this point in time with your situation and helping you break free towards a better life of confidence, appreciation and happiness which promises you so much more than what today currently holds for you. I’m here to ensure you have the best possible plan, support and guidance needed for you to succeed in changing your life for the better.

So if you’re ready to take action, start losing the inches and investing back in yourself today then I’d love to hear more about your awesome self below.

I’ll then be in touch to chat a little more about yourself, your circumstances and whether or not you’re a great fit to benefit from my coaching.

Please note you must be based in the Darlington area for personal training. If you’re based anywhere else in the world, then please check out my online coaching service.

What My Client's Are Saying

12 Weeks From £250
  • Home/outdoor workouts to suit your lifestyle
  • Daily support and interaction with an expert coach
  • Lifestyle changes to ensure long term results
  • Nutritional habit changes to fast track success
  • Fortnightly/monthly meet ups and daily check ins
  • Workouts, check ins and messaging done with ease via the app
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