Consider This Important Question… ...

Are you participating in the problem, or in the solution?   This question came up in a podcast I was listening to yesterday, and I thought it was a powerful one to consider. Because the reason many of us stay stuck with our health, weight [...]

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Is Your Scale Deceiving You? ...

Friday Reminder; Your scale can be deceiving. Karen, a personal training client of mine, has been working out with me here in Darlington for just over a month now... Cycling, power walking, and pushing a few weights - she's been doing incre [...]

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Get Honest With Yourself ...

Get Honest With Yourself   February 1st - Time To Get Honest With Yourself   Today marks a month since January 1st resolutions were made, and it’s a day where I want you to get very honest with yourself. If you set yourself a res [...]

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Try This Experiment ...

Try This Experiment   Take 10 seconds to look around the room you are in, and pick out everything you can see that is of the colour RED. Anything RED you see, pick it out and hold it in your mind. Red! Red! Red! Go! Go! Go! 10 se [...]

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Quit Judging ...

Quit Judging…   That obese girl that just spent her entire workout walking on the treadmill; she’s just joined the gym and is excited to start losing weight. This is the first time she’s ever truly started to value her health, and he [...]

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The Fundamentals & Weight Loss Success ...

Did You Notice This?   Over the past six blog posts on my site here, I’ve been delivering some tips to help try and set you up for a different 2018. A 2018 where you can start to get into the shape of your life, for the rest of your lif [...]

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